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Van Helsing's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Van Helsing

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3 Van Helsing Icons and 1 Wallpaper [12 Nov 2009|04:05pm]

[ mood | content ]

Some Van Helsing Icons I made, I am going to make some more haha =D and 1 Dracanna wallpaper =D


You can view them all here: http://foreverquinto.livejournal.com/810.html

Please comment!! =D and feel free to use them =D If they're posted anywhere else please credit =D Thanks.

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10 Van Helsing Icons [09 Feb 2009|06:01pm]


HERE @ mysticalicons
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[29 Nov 2008|01:45am]

[01-11] Growing Up Cullen quotes
[12-21] Northanger Abbey
[22-44] The Swan Princess
[45-64] Van Helsing

here @ objecti0nable
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[06 Aug 2008|02:25pm]

(001-041) Bram Stoker's Dracula
(042-098) Van Helsing
(099-122) Underworld
(123-135) Underworld Evolution
(136-200) Interview With The Vampire
(201-226) Supernatural 1x20 - Dead Man's Blood

Click here to see them all :)
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[31 Jul 2008|08:02pm]

(1-53) Chamber Of Secrets (all of Lucius and Snape)
(54-67) Goblet Of Fire - The Yule Ball
(68-80) Keira Knightley

(81-92) Kate Beckinsale
(93-112) Hugh Jackman


See the entry for rules about taking etc. :)

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[01 Sep 2007|04:44pm]

[39] Kate Beckinsale Icons


[X] Comment
[X] Credit
[X] No Hotlinking
[X] No Editing

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[03 Jul 2007|06:20pm]

[01-40] The Hunchback of Notre Dame
[41-60] Vampire Hunter D/Bloodlust
[61-76] The Phantom of the Opera (ALW stage)
[77-86] Van Helsing

'cause i don't believe in you anymore
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6 Van Helsing icon's... [26 Mar 2007|03:59pm]


HERE @ mysticalicons
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[30 Jan 2007|01:49pm]

15 Titanic.
28 Van Helsing.
16 Pride and Prejudice.
20 House 3.11 'Words and Deeds'
17 Corpse Bride

Find them here.
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[13 Jul 2006|11:33pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Hello, I am a bit confused, does everyone know the line in Van Helsing where Anna says: "Nothing is faster then Transylvanian horses, not even a Werewolf, anything else, you're on your own" I think I have a bit of a thought of what it is she meant by it, BUT, if anyone can PLEASE tell me what she means, can you please tell me, thanks :)

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[08 Jul 2006|04:53pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Lol, i'm just curious... why do some people like Dracula/Van Helsing? Not saying anything bad about it, but... they're not homosexuals!! Lol.

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hello! [03 Mar 2006|06:24pm]

wheeee im new here! i've been a fan of van helsing for some time now but couldt find a community for the longest time! my names pearly and i come from thailand i never did get to see van helsing in the cinema (oh the shame!) how ever i rented it fell in love and bought it! yeah! cant belive the critics gave it a bad review well they can just die for all i care! ;)
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Help w/ fanfic [05 Feb 2006|10:28pm]

I'm writing a vh fanfic but i haven't seen the movie in eons. What is the writing on the wall when they return to find Castle Frankenstein empty. I only remember Van Helsing's cut off piece that says "In the name of God, open this door." What's the rest?
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Hugh Jackman [22 Jan 2006|06:24pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I've made a batch of Hugh Jackman icons.


 Follow the Fake-cut )

Comment, credit, enjoy.


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[04 Aug 2005|07:50pm]


Hi, everyone! I know that I haven’t been posting a whole lot lately but my computer problems have been fixed and I bring to you all goodies! Yeahy! Icons! This is only my second icon post so please be kind. Until recently I have discovered how to blend with Paint Shop (it took almost forever until I noticed how dumb my brain could be at times) and how to make special animation affects with Animation Shop. I hope that you like it and I promise you that in the future there will be improvements to how my icons are made. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to comment & credit.

Thank you!

1 Emmy Rossum

2 Garbage/Shirley Manson

2 Gemmy

1 Kate Beckinsale

4 Keira Knightly

28 The Phantom of the Opera

7 Van Helsing

4 X-Men


To the goodies!

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Just wanted to share... [03 Jun 2005|12:11pm]
The whole movie screencapped!

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [17 Apr 2005|02:05pm]


feel free to delete but as long as I can get signatures I'm posting this:

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233,247 baby seals have been clubbed, skinned alive, and left to die in the past 19 days.


PLEASE click on the above link to sign a pledge (it takes TEN SECONDS OUT OF YOUR PRECIOUS LIFE) and see what you can do, if you so choose. I only beg that you give them a name to add to the pledge against Canadian seafood to show your digust for this cruelty.

This is NOT a meat-eating matter. This is FUR for FASHION because your ass needs it to look like J-Lo.

Defenseless baby seals that are left skinned alive and dazed from being clubbed twice in the head... for hours. Until they finally die.

just. sign. the. damn. thing.
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FIC pointer: "Recurrere" PG, (1/1) [14 Feb 2005|12:09pm]

Hi all,

I'm a bit of a latecomer to VH, having just watched it for the first time several weeks ago...and wouldn't you know it, a fic resulted. I've been writing fanfic for years, but this is my first in this fandom, so any feedback would be very helpful!

Title: Recurrere
Rating: PG
Parts: 1/1
Pairing: None, but a focus on the Carl-Van Helsing relationship.
Summary: The journey back is a long one for the friar and the Knight.
URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2259926/1/
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I come with icons!!! [24 Jan 2005|07:25am]

[ mood | creative ]

Hello!! First Icon post!!

Here they are!!

Plus, don't forget to comment and credit!!

Thank you!!


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Fansite revamp [16 Jan 2005|01:28pm]

Yesterday I revamped my Dracula Fansite at "Hollow", a much needed version 4 is now accessable. Also, I added a bunch new blends and screencaps to the Image Archive. So if you wanna have a look, maybe head over and pay me a visit :-)
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